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Steinberg Cubase take 7 rev 19 - Nuendo Take 3 Installer - Win screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | exe | 830 MB
This is a comprehensive installer for Cubase take 7 rev 19 and Nuendo Take 3

Cubase Elements welcomes you to the world of Cubase, offering a streamlined music production environment with plenty of features that help seize the moment when musical creativity strikes. Sharing the same pristine audio quality as its larger siblings in the Cubase family, Cubase Elements provides the perfect starting point for intuitive song writing, studio-grade recordings and finalizing your mix. Do you want to elevate your sound to a new level? Cubase Elements is your next step.

Note: Almost Pro version.

____.-===/// \\\===-.____

*** Thanks goes to V.R & Zaka1 and mono and, anonymous for the installer ***


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  Member 16.01.2014 227
Thank you mono
And thank you zaka1 and V.R
And olymoin for uploading
Every Moment Of Life Is A Miracle
  Resident 30.11.2017 125
is this the same files which Mono already shared below on the previous post
  Member 16.01.2014 227
Its a edited version
Some bug fixed
Added nuendo 10
Every Moment Of Life Is A Miracle
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1204 11531
Similar, but it's an easy installer, with some corrections.
  Resident 30.12.2013 106
Hey Oly, any idea about this? https://i.snipboard.io/uTblmt.jpg
Installed eLicenser Control and rebooted and still happening.
Don't believe 'em when they try to say it's over!
  Member 1.01.2015 1 5
me too..the same problem
  Resident 28.04.2012 16 1492
I guess your problem is, you havent any elicenser in your eLicenser Control Center. This is why it would have been fine to have some kind of info text on how exactly install this...and what you need to do with it.
I have also Cubase Elements 10.40 V.R. installed with a real trial license and Antitrail already installed and then installed this release and it works.
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Member 2.08.2019 269
read the menu on the setup screen :D


step 2 install soft elicencer Anti trial

choose the appropriate set elicener antitrial from within Soft-eLicenser Antitrial b9.exe from V.R

How to tell your Elicencer screenshot

if you choose the wrong one your elicencer will not work.


1. if u have installed 6.11.6 &6.11.7 select the top option and select the box at the bottom additional content licences

2.if you have installed 6.11.8 select the second option and select the box at the bottom additional content licences

Hope this helps
  Member 16.01.2014 227
Thank you again oly
Every Moment Of Life Is A Miracle
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1204 11531
I'm only the messenger, big thanks diserved by all the one who participate.
Including members who installed and tested, gave reports ....
  Resident 28.04.2012 16 1492
OK...caus there is no detailed information on how to install it and I'm tired of explaining it via PM.

1. Start the "setup.exe" from this release and choose "01.*Required eLicenser Control Setup". Install it! If you already have the actual version installed the setup will skip this.

2. Now continue or start again the "setup.exe" from this release and choose "02.*Soft-eLcenser Antitrial b9" install it and choose
"Set eLicenser Antitrial (for eLCC v6.11.8) or if you alread have another version of the "eLicenser Control Center" installed check the version number by opening it and read in the headline.
Also make sure (IMPORTANT!!) to tick "Additonal Content Licenses"
After all is finished make a backup Copy of the license file "SeLicenser.sel" which is located in C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\

3. Now continue with the setup of this release by installing "Cubase" or "Nuendo".

4. Have fun.

Some strange issues may occur.
If you run an Antivirus program it possibly will detect the file "synsopos.exe" as a virus and Windows will give you an error when you are starting Cubase.
To avoid this make an exclusion in your Antivirus or simply close it.
If you where not fast enough and your Antivirus already killed the "synsopos.exe" you have to redo the step 2 "02.*Soft-eLcenser Antitrial b9"

If for some reason after a sytem reboot the "SeLicenser.sel" which is located in C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\ is missing copy your backup of the license file "SeLicenser.sel" back to the folder C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\

If for some other reason even after copying the license file back to the related folder Cubase gives you the error "no license found" you should also install Cubase Elements
(only the program not the complete addons). After you finished you should start Cubase Elements once....this should work. Now close it and start Cubase. This now also should work again...for what reason ever. I just discovered it also should work if you simply start your "eLicenser Control Center" and wait a while until the app re-recognized the license file.
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Releaser 12.07.2014 23 1682
@lukehh this is not needed its an offline version
have not download it yet but here was the info i added and should be with it? thanks for helping + 1

Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others :)
  Resident 28.04.2012 16 1492
Hmm, OK. Thanks for the info.
But my way also works! :)
This is the reason why I always apprechiate to have some kind of info in a release.
Where should anybody know from, that you have to tick the additonal content licenses?
So many users here have no licenses in their eLCC so I think I'm not the only one who is to stupid to understand the procedure without any explaination.

I changed my guide above.
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1332
cool thanks guys !!
  Resident 30.11.2017 125
HATs OFF the WHole team behind this

V.R & Zaka1 and mono
Spcl tnx OlyMoon
  Resident 11.11.2014 287
thx for this.... question: does latency correction work as in non-cracked version?
Think of using non periodic rhythm patterns in your music
  Member 10.07.2014 263
Yeah i was wondering that too.. Is the Latency correction fixed?
Thanks For This!!
  Releaser 12.07.2014 23 1682
Update 8/11/19
These are the last fixes ( Big Facepalm )
just found out i added the skins and a few files
from cubase 10.050 into cubase 10.040 whats not helping anyone.

Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others :)
  Member 16.01.2014 227
Tank You mono for your effort
Thanks to eveyone that helped.
Every Moment Of Life Is A Miracle
  Member 3.11.2019 1 14
Are you sure this is the right one? Cubase10 DC TEST 2 has no DC.
  Member 9.11.2017 38
I can confirm this. Doesn't work for me, either. DC TEST 1 works, but TEST 2 doesn't.
  Resident 12.03.2014 514
Any chance for you to start a 'team xyz', and start cracking a bunch of stuff, like r2r ot v.r...?

Because you seem to be as skilled as the big guys....

Just asking, of course. ..
  Releaser 12.07.2014 23 1682
you just want more stuff lol
i would like ta but is way too hard then responsibility ,stress
worry on top of [email protected] is not fun all the time
but i will say you learn to realy appreciate what other do for you
and the time spent behind the scenes that goes into making us happy ,i just do what i can to try help now and then,
Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others :)
  Member 8.04.2015 24
take your time, don't rush...we waited 10 years we can wait a bit longer...as Air says "we crack it alright, we crack it slow"...so small steps, long paths...thank you MONO...so far for all the gifts you gifted us with...I can work on the projects without relying on unstable neundo 5, all thanks to your patience and hard work that made neundo 10 a reality in these hard times...
  Member 3.11.2019 1 14
I was wondering why DC is a problem in the first place. It's not an exclusive PRO feature.
  Resident 16.03.2014 1199
What's the difference between this release and all the Rev xxx from VR of the last three months?
  Releaser 12.07.2014 23 1682
This was ment to be an update to Zaka1 offline version Art
but on the way it went abit more and some how pro came out of it
then nuendo when VRs and Zaka1 patches were added togetter,
The art patches are still added in cubase as a backup as some users said cubase runs better than nuendo but it needs lots more testing
and there are over 60 to 80 patchs to sort out.
because the patches used in cubase and nuendo are not the same
least what ever works best the other can be fixed the same way i hope.
Don't think it will ever be 100% but was wort a try.
Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others :)
  Member 13.08.2019 16 70
You changed the start gui for cubase from elements to pro.
  Resident 11.11.2014 287
First of all I think this is awesome! Thanks to everyone making it possible.

”Note: Almost Pro version.”

Would be more helpful to list functions in pro not included/working. Thank you in advance.
Think of using non periodic rhythm patterns in your music
  Member 30.06.2018 16
whats the obsession with latency correction? cubase has millions of functions, congrats for finding the 1 thing to complain about

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